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Thomas Filk: ‘Quantum’ and ‘Quantum-Like’: an Introduction to Quantum Theory and its Applications in Cognitive and Social Sciences


„During the last 20 years, the mathematical formalism of quantum theory, especially so-called quantum probability, has found an increasing number of applications within the social sciences, in particular in psychology, economics, sociology, etc. This field, which is sometimes referred to as ‘quantum cognition’, is not about models or theories which assume quantum effects to be relevant for cognitive processes; the main underlying assumption of quantum cognition is rather that the formalism of quantum theory can be applied to various cognitive phenomena. This article emphasizes the similarities between phenomena in quantum theory and phenomena in psychology and sociology, thereby presenting arguments why the formalism developed in quantum theory may be of relevance to the cognitive sciences. It is also intended to be a very cursory introduction to the ideas of quantum theory.”


„Thomas Filk’s splendid essay on quantum theory and its applications is a pedagogical masterpiece. It provides a reader-friendly introduction to quantum theory without being too technical, still, by employing vivid examples, it highlights the most important concepts and facts with an eye on the possible applications of the theory to the social and cognitive sciences. Filk’s attitude towards the applications of quantum theory is admirably balanced. On the one hand, he offers numerous formal tools which might be useful in the social sciences. On the other hand, he makes it clear from the outset that there is no unreflected takeover of a concept from one discipline to another.”

(Excerpt from the Preface by Gábor Hofer-Szabó)



ISBN: 978-615-5742-14-9

102 pages

2000 HUF


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