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Szonja Tepavcsevics

Szonja Tepavcsevics (Hungary 2019) is a researcher at Innovations Lab, is an international scholar, who holds Ph.D. in Political Science, Political Economy Track, and MA in International Relations and European Studies from Central European University, as well a Russian Diploma in Journalism from Moscow State University. Her research expertise includes Russian foreign policy and foreign direct investments of Russian companies, immigrant and local entrepreneurship, and journalism. She worked as Lecturer of International Relations at ELTE and Lecturer of Political Science at Budapest Business University (Faculty of Finance and Management), as well as Program Manager of Central European University’s Frontiers of Democracy Initiative. She has experience as a TV and radio journalist and anchor, working for state-controlled and independent Russian media. She is also an Associate Head of the Russia and Eurasia Study Department of The Institute of European and Globalization Studies from Croatia, and a member of Budapest-based International Association Dialogue.

Topic: Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Coordinated Market Economy: Motives and Forms of Post-Soviet Immigrants’ Entrepreneurship in Austria