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Papp Richárd



Richard Papp is an associate professor of cultural anthropology at  Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Social Sciences,Budapest.

He has been teaching for 17 years in different universities in Europe, Chile and China. He has given courses about the anthropology of religion, introduction to social sciences, intercultural communication, anthropology of Europe and the cultural  anthropological interpretations of the new forms of the Central –  Eastern European nationalism and its cultural significances. Furthermore, he has participated in more research cooperations, organized institutional and  research cooperations, conferencies.

His fields of teaching and research embrace cultural significances of religion, ethnicity and nationalism.

His particular fields are the mythological manifestations of nationalism and the Jewish cultural identity.

He has pursued fieldwork in Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Israel and Hungary.

Since 2006 his research has focused on Jewish humour.

He has published several papers and two books in this research area.

Recently, he i s also reseraching relations between post-modern spirituality and euroscepticism.  In my research I am focusing on the post-modern spiritual lifestyle, ethos, networks, idenities as social and symbolic political practises and re-creations of everyday euroscepticism.