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Mugnaini, Martina

Martina Mugnaini gets a Bachelor Degree from the University of Florence in 2011 in “Peacekeeping operations,  management and mediation of conflicts”. In  2016 she gets an MA Degree from the University of Bologna in “International cooperation,  human rights and protection of ethno-cultural heritage in Mediterranean area and in Eurasia”. At the same time she gets the qualification of Intercultural Mediator with a high training course recognized by the Italian Department for education and skills.

She works in the field of migration since 2009 as Italian language teacher for foreigners and as intercultural educator in schools. From 2014 to 2016 she works in an asylum seeker and refugee centre in Italy as intercultural mediator and chief of executive.  She also contributes, as independent professional,  to intercultural mediation for public offices in Sardinia (Italy).

Research abstract 

Aiming to a future political recommendation to EU by submitting to national and supra-national authorities  an operative model for the management of  RASCs (Refugee and Asylum Seeker Centers), the very aim of  her research  intends to analyze and propose new forms of reception for migrants, which asylum seekers and refugees in Italy and Europe can use.

By proposing a preliminary and simultaneous analysis of three different centers for reception in Italy, the research will disclose innovative and sustainable examples coming from RASCs managements, that could be used to rethink the “imposing aid logic” of European reception, and bring social improvement by sustainable proposals for action.

The urgent socio-political answer that this research wants to respond to, take advantage from an interdisciplinary approach coming from the political sciences, from the ethnography of the project and the work experience grown on the field. The interdisciplinary logic and the applied Action-Research method are able to focus on the two opposite poles of theory and practice by a high level of contextualization on both.