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Hörcher Ferenc

Director, National University of Public Service, Research Institute of Politics and Government;
Senior Research Fellow, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy,

Ferenc Hörcher is a historian of political thought, legal theorist and political analyst, poet and art theoretician. His interests in the history of political thought include the early modern period, classical Hungarian political thought, and the history of conservatism and liberalism. He is fascinated by Aristotelian practical philosophy and by the political thought of early modern European urban communities. He has also published on early modern aesthetic thought. He published 4 volumes of poetry, all in Hungarian. He published a volume of essays on 20th-century Hungarian prose writer Géza Ottlik. As a political philosopher, his main concern is what he calls Aristotelian conservatism, or European urban republicanism. Beside basically researching at the National University of Public Service and the Institute of Philosophy of the Centre for Humanities, he is interested in poetry, painting and urban history.