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Gumze, Goran



Alma Mater University, Maribor

Currently works as the Head of International office and lecturer on Alma Mater Europaea ECM, among others is vice-dean of research and international project currently working on the EU project MATES (De-radicalisation of radicalised youth). He also cooperates in
creation of study program on Migration and Integration. He lectures on bachelor and Master programs teaching Anthropology.

He has reach experiences in Multi-cultural dialog, since he has studied the Afro-Brazilian cultural institutions their establishment and changes in social meaning through history. Also, his last field research was focused on labour migrants in European industry. The so called “daily migrants” were the core object of the study.

Being involved in inter-cultural studies since 2004, he has gained relevant understanding of importance of cultural, linguistic and religious differences in establishment of intercultural dialog.

His reach experiences from the field can contribute in construction of open, democratic, inclusive political and social discourse that is needed in coping challenges of modern migrations.

After studying the impact of migration on changes in social institutions, he understands the importance of cultural interchange in establishment and development of social institutions. He sees the migrations as main protagonists of social development, bringing new ideas, views and attitudes into general social paradigm, however they have to be managed creatively.

Under his opinion education, and same opportunities at the labour market are the main pillars of inclusivism and social development, being opposed to xenophobia, hostility and exclusivism, caused by ignorance.