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Francisco A. Comín


Dr. Comín is Research Professor of High Council for Scientific Research at Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CISC (Zaragoza-Jaca,Spain). Former Professor of Ecology at University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Parma (Italy) and CINVESTAV-IPN (Yucatán, México).  Dr. Comín is specialized in applying methods of restoration for degraded wetlands, rives and landscapes,  developing methodologies for the restoration at watershed scale, and contributing to the development of the theory of ecological restoration. He is expert in the restoration and use of wetlands for water quality and biodiversity improvements at watershed scale and for municipal wastewater treatment. He is expert on the evaluation of ecosystem services and its application for the socio-ecological development of rural areas. He is interested on developing research methods for the analysis of innovative solutions for the sustainable development of rural areas; particularly on research about strategic plans of development of urban and rural areas and the promotion of approaches to jointly integrate the development of urban and rural areas.

Francisco A. Comín is 2017 John Rieger Award of the Society for Ecological Restoration.

He was Chairman of 1st & 4th World Conferences on Ecological Restorationf, Zaragoza (Spain) and Mérida (México), 2005 & 2011, 9th European Wetlands Congress, Huesca (Spain), 2014.

Member of the Board of Directors of Society for Ecological Restoration (2005-2009).

Member of the Directive Committee of the International Society for Sustainable Development Research Society (2017-2020)