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Dagmar Caganova


Dagmar Caganova, assoc. prof. in Industrial Engineering, acts as Vice dean for International Projects at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia.

She is also the co – founder of the European Alliance for Innovation in Slovakia, management committe member of E-COST ( European Collaboration in Science and Technology)  TN 1301 Sci Generation,  the executive committee member in Danubius Academic Consortium (academic network for Integral Innovation), steering committee member of Danube strategy PA 7 Knowledge society- science, research, inovation and ICT for the Slovak Republic.

Her professional interests, research topics and international collaborations are mainly focused on Intercultural and Innovation Management, Mobility and Smart Cities, Gender Diversity. She is the member of  journal editorial boards,  organiser, steering committe member of many domestic and international conferences, acts as tutor on PhD study programme and has participated in numerous domestic and international projects as team member and as the project head. She is co-editor of Internet of Things, IoT Infrastructures 2014, part 2 and Smart City 360, 2015 published by Springer. To date she has published more than 200 publications, 7 scientific monographs, 33 papers in databases WOS and 35 in databases SCOPUS and has over 300 citations, 117 of them in quotation databases WOS and SCOPUS, h-index 5.