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Praszkier, Ryszard (2023) Singularities in Societal Dynamics: Manifestations, Early Indicators, and Anticipation
Tamilina, Larysa (2023) The Political Foundation of Nations – The Impact of Political Factors on the Formation of National Identity in Ukraine and Russia
Taghiyev, Ravid (2022) Civil Society and Authoritarian State: Rethinking the Concept of ‘Resistance’ and ‘Opposition’ in Belarus and Azerbaijan
Polányi Centre Working Paper II.2022/WP01
Tepavcevic, Sanja (2022) Building Resilience in the Times of the Cold War: Motives and Geography of Yugoslav and Soviet Migrations in 1946 – 1989
Polányi Centre Working Paper I.2022/WP03
Stepanovic, Ivana (2022) Tweetstorms and Politics of Algorithmic Visibility: Precarious Online Labour of Ecology Activists and Climate Influencers in Serbia
Polányi Centre Working Paper I.2022/WP02
Fitra, Mohammad Yunas (2022) Minority Rights in Southeast Asia and ASEAN’s Response to State-directed Minority Persecutions: Special Emphasis on the Rohingya Minority Persecution
Polányi Centre Working Paper I.2022/WP04
Hangzó Városkút Kőszeg Zenei programja
Taghiyev, Ravid (2022) Redefining “Who We Are?” Belarusian National Identity and Its Implications in the 2020 Post-Election Protests
Polányi Centre Working Paper I.2022/WP01
Tepavcevic, Sanja (2021) Lessons from Previous Global Crises (Un)Applied During COVID-19 Pandemic: Immigrant Experiences in Austria and Hungary
Polányi Centre Working Paper II.2021/WP04
Stepanović, Ivana (2021) Youtube as a New Site for Political Debates: New Opportunities for Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslav Countries
Polányi Centre Working Paper II.2021/WP02
Praszkier, Ryszard (2021) Paving the Way to Peace: What Sort of Environment and Mindsets are Essential? Introducing the Peace-Oriented Mindset Concept
Polányi Centre Working Paper II.2021/WP03
Szigeti Attila (2021) Anthropocene Narratives and the Ecopolitics of the Climate Crisis
Polányi Centre Working Paper II.2021/WP01