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A Primakov doktrína következményei – 4. Blue Sky Konferencia

The Primakov’s concept – Multipolarity and Multilateralism: cooperative or rival cornerstones of a new world order – 4th Blue Sky Conference in Budapest – 7-10 November 2019

The concept of Greater Asia is definitely an essential and structural element in contemporary Russian global thinking . But the Kremlin is cautious about the fact that a multipolar order is already in the process of being established. The role and position of the US in military, economic, and financial matters, both in South East Asia and within the transatlantic alliance/ NATO/EU is still too strong to speak about a real demise of US hegemony or its loss of supremacy in global politics. Combined, and despite public declarations, the involved states act as cliental forces and stem against the transition of the present to some extent unipolar global system into a Multipolarity mode. (Peter W. Schulze – Professor, Georg-August University, Göttingen)

The event will be streamed on the Facebook page of iASK (https://www.facebook.com/iask.hungary).

Invited speakers: Daniel Brooks (iASK, University of Toronto), Janos Bogárdi (iASK, University of Bonn), Ilan Chabay (IASS Potsdam), Sean Cleary (Strategic Concepts), Edward Kirumira (STIAS Stellenbosch), Andrei Kortunov (RIAS), Albrecht von Mueller (Parmenides Foundation Munich), Petre Schulze (Göttingen University) and more…

• Resilient societies in and beyond Europe
• New centres, new peripheries
• New scenarios for European integration, the shifting role of Central-Eastern Europe
• New types of cross-cultural networks – formal and informal
• Changing forms and notions of citizenship
• Social trust and shared values in Europe
• The social impact of climate change
• Europe and its global Connections

More details are HERE.