Kutatás és tanulmányok

A klímaváltozásból, a globalizációból és a migrációból fakadó fertőző betegségek veszélyei – 4. Blue Sky Konferencia

Focusing the DAMA Protocol in a Time of Climate Triage: EU Policies on Migration and Disease – 4th Blue Sky Conference in Budapest – 7-10 November 2019

The newly-articulated Stockholm Paradigm explains how a combination of climate change, globalization, and increasing urbanization produces the crisis of emerging infectious diseases. Traditional views assume that pathogens cannot move to new hosts without first evolving novel genetic capacities to do so. The Stockholm Paradigm demonstrates that such new capacities are not needed – all that is required is new opportunities for pathogens to be exposed to susceptible hosts that have never been exposed to the pathogen. Movement of species is thus the most important element of the emerging disease threat, and climate change has always been the major catalyst of species movements. (Daniel R. Brooks – University of Toronto)

The event will be streamed on the Facebook page of iASK (https://www.facebook.com/iask.hungary).

• Resilient societies in and beyond Europe
• New centres, new peripheries
• New scenarios for European integration, the shifting role of Central-Eastern Europe
• New types of cross-cultural networks – formal and informal
• Changing forms and notions of citizenship
• Social trust and shared values in Europe
• The social impact of climate change
• Europe and its global Connections

Invited speakers: Daniel Brooks (iASK, University of Toronto), Janos Bogárdi (iASK, University of Bonn), Ilan Chabay (IASS Potsdam), Sean Cleary (Strategic Concepts), Edward Kirumira (STIAS Stellenbosch), Andrei Kortunov (RIAS), Albrecht von Mueller (Parmenides Foundation Munich), Petre Schulze (Göttingen University) and more…

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