Kutatás és tanulmányok

5. napi program – Nemzetközi Nyári Egyetem 2021. – Közép-Európai Tangó a globális tánciskolában

July 2 (Friday)

9:30-10:00      Online registration and technicalities

Morning Session

10:00-12:00    Panel Discussion: The Future University – The Future of Education: A New Chance for Central Europe?

What does it mean to be a university in the 21st century? What weaknesses have been revealed during the pandemic in institutional structures? How can you change the educational and institutional paradigm to meet the needs and challenges of contemporary and future students in an uncertain world? What should the university become? And where are the roadblocks to and possibilities for transformation?


Chair: Jody Jensen (Director of the Polányi Centre, iASK)

Invited Panelists: János Bogárdi (University of Bonn; Research fellow of iASK), Maria Pilar Lorenzo (PhD candidate, Ghent University, Fellow of the Regional Academy on the United Nations and the Royal Society of Arts),, Szabolcs Márka (Columbia University), Matthias Middell (Research Fellow, Global and European Studies Institute, Leipzig), Arjan Shahini (PhD Candidate, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg), Ivana Stepanovic (Research fellow of IASK, University of Belgrade), Igor Stipic (iASK), Sanja Tepavcevic (Research fellow of iASK)

11:30-12:00    Q&A Session

12:00-13:30    Lunch Break

Afternoon Session

13:30-15:00    Feedback session and wrap-up