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Local Flavours - A taste, a smell, a feeling, a home where the heart is - Video Promotion
Cooperation between Europe's small and medium-sized towns and their geographic environment is particularly important today. These towns alone cannot make efficient use of their resources in today’s globalized world. They need to recognize their heritage, their values, be aware of their common past and present, and incorporate them all into their future. They can offer the most to their community and themselves by caring for their existing values, and their all-encompassing culture.
Concert of the Glissonic Trio - Sounding City Kőszeg 2020
Participants:  - Zsolt Sárvári Kovács (drums), - Máté Pozsár (keyboard & metalofon) - Dániel Váczi (glissonic)
Quarantine Concert by Károly Binder
Talking Houses - The City of Kőszeg by Mónika Mátay
The urban research project, initiated five years ago, is based on the original idea of Elemér Hankiss.
Enhancing Historical Regions - Culture, Identity and Cultivation of Values
Etudes for Europe - Concert of Ernő Sebestyén and Ferenc Bognár
Etudes for Europe – Concert of the Binder Trio
Elemér Hankiss – Thoughts about Music
Elemér Hankiss – Thoughts about Angels
Elemér Hankiss - Thoughts about Gardens
Concert of Chamber Choir "Cherubim" in Kőszeg on 2nd of July 2018
Binder & Borbély: Improvisation & Composition