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UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability: Fostering Innovation and Sustainable Preservation Practices

The UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability at the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK) was established in 2011 and integrated into iASK in 2017. The Chair serves as a regional hub for advancing cultural heritage preservation practices and developing innovative research and study programs. Led by Professor Dr. Ferenc Miszlivetz, the UNESCO Chair for Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability promotes UNESCO’s values. The goal of the UNESCO Chair is to advance cultural heritage management practices, ensuring the redevelopment, safeguarding, and utilization of cultural heritage sites while promoting their socio-economic benefits and community engagement.

Through research and collaboration, active contributions to the development of best practices in cultural heritage management are promoted. The commitment to interdisciplinary approaches and international dialogue is reflected in organized events, including the UNESCO MOST Winter School, International Summer University, and European Blue Sky Conference.