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Concert of Chamber Choir “Cherubim” in Kőszeg on 2nd of July 2018

Chamber Choir “Cherubim”
The formation of the Chamber Choir “Cherubim” was prompted by the research on the Byzantine music tradition at the territory of Macedonia, as well as from the establishment of the Department of Byzantine Sciences at the “Euro-Balkan” University in Skopje in 2013.
On the repertoire of the chamber chorus “Cherubim” there are mostly works of Macedonian musicians who acted in the period of the National Renaissance, such as: Dimitar Zlatanov – Gradoborski, Kalistrat Zografski, Joan Harmosin of Ohrid, Andon Shahpaski, Manasij pop Todorov, Vasil Ivanov Bojadziev et al.
So far the chamber choir “Cherubim” has presented numerous concert performances at various domestic and international events, such as the symposium “Days of Justinian I”, “Demir Hisar Cultural Summer” – 1000 years since the existence of the monastery “St. Jovan Preteča “,” Honoring Blaze Koneski “,” World Poetry Day “,” World Interreligious Conference “, etc. Particularly significant is the participation at the festival “Ohrid Summer Festival 2016”, where the choir “Cherubim” performed with the orchestra of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, followed by a concert with the orchestra of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet Orchestra in Bitola on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as a the performance for the Ceremonial academy of the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Ohrid, on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the death of St. Clement of Ohrid. This choir is an active bearer of the program of the School for Church Singing from the Byzantine tradition “Andon Shahpaski”, which is held in the city of Berovo, in the summer, since 2014.
The members of the chamber choir “Cherubim” are professional musicians: Mirjana Pavlovska-Shulajkovska, Katerina Kjetkovikj-Fidanovska, Zlatica Zhantevska-Pejikj, Lile Anastasova, Ruzica Kodjabashia, Suzana Stojcheva, Stanislava Pocevska, Beti Beshkovska, Hermina Trposka-Samardjiska and Jane Kodjabashia. The “Cherubim” chamber choir has release a large number of audio and video recordings that have been broadcasted on the programs of the Macedonian Radio-Television.
The “Cherubim” chamber choir is responsible for reviving numerous manuscripts and printed books of church singing from the Slavic-Byzantine tradition that occurred on the territory of Macedonia. The concert activity of this choir plays an important role of contribution to the preservation and affirmation of church singing as an invaluable national cultural heritage.


1. Joan Harmosin of Ohrid: Troparion of The Virgin Mary, voice V
2. Jane Kodjabashia: The Only Begotten Son, voice VI
3. Joan Harmosin of Ohrid: It is truly meet, voice V
4. Andon Shahpaski: God I called thee, voice VI
5. Andon Shahpaski: Angel chanted, voice V
6. Jane Kodjabashia: Troparion of St. Clement, voice IV
7. Jakov Protopsalt: Oh what a marvelous miracle, voice I
8. Vasil Ivanov Bojadziev: It is truly meet, voice VI
9. Manasij pop Todorov: To The Father and The Son, voice III