Driving Sustainable Development and Cultural Heritage Preservation

KRAFT, the flagship project of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK), is dedicated to sustainable regional redevelopment and the preservation and management of cultural heritage. The mission is to facilitate innovative and interdisciplinary research while promoting effective cooperation among socio-economic stakeholders. It is through practical applicability and collaborative efforts that successful, integrated and holistic local and regional development moves forward.

A Visionary Approach to Regional Development

The KRAFT program was established by the Institute for Social and European Studies Foundation (ISES Foundation) in 2012, under the direction of Ferenc Miszlivetz, received national support from the Government of Hungary in 2013. This visionary initiative serves as a new regional development strategy, with the city of Kőszeg as a prime example. When the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg was established, KRAFT embodied its core values, principles, and activities.

Sustainability of Development Projects: Assessing Economic, Social, and Environmental Aspects

The KRAFT Centre investigates the economic, social, and environmental aspects of development projects, developing a management tool to assess their sustainability based on a variety of criteria.

Kraft Index Development: Enhancing Regional Development

KRAFT supports innovative regional development by facilitating effective cooperation among socio-economic stakeholders, key to the success of regional transformation.

Sustainable Business Models: Understanding Impacts and Promoting Sound Policy Making

KRAFT takes a theoretical approach to examine the economic, social, and environmental effects of emerging business models. The aim is to inform sound policy-making at the local, regional, and national levels.

Regional and Cross-Border Development: Fostering Success and Identity

Research focuses on three key areas contributing to successful city development: intercity cooperation, city identity development, and initiatives to retain young people in the city.

KRAFT Research Programs

Cultural Heritage and Sustainability: Promoting Practical Initiatives

The Cultural Heritage and Sustainability program focuses on the practical application of initiatives for local and regional development. Kőszeg stands as a testament to the success achieved through innovative regional development strategies implemented within this program.

Creative City, Sustainable Region: Fostering Collaboration

The Creative City, Sustainable Region program fosters effective cooperation among socio-economic stakeholders to drive innovative regional development. The aim of the program is to create vibrant and sustainable regions.

Advancing Sustainable Development and Cultural Heritage Preservation

iASK is committed to advancing knowledge and implementing practical solutions for sustainable redevelopment and cultural heritage preservation. Through collaboration, research, and the exchange of ideas, a positive impact is made on the socio-economic fabric of local communities.

SocioKRAFT: Enabling Diversity and Equal Access for a Complete Perspective and Human Rights

Considering the diverse needs and expectations of individuals in both local and global communities, we must address the responsibility of ensuring equal access to public services. SocioKRAFT complements the “Creative City – Sustainable Region” (KRAFT) program, aiming to foster innovative, regionally-based development concepts. By examining social inequalities and proposing improvements in service systems and community-based initiatives, we promote equal opportunities for individuals in civil, political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of life. 

Current research revolves around understanding social resilience and effective service networks. Assessing the capability of social service providers and its managers to adapt, address and support vulnerable communities, the annual SOCIO SUMMIT engages researchers and practitioners to discuss social service sectors’ challenges and resource management. It serves as a platform for sharing innovative models that enhance resilience and co-operation among organizations, fostering a culture of accessibility and inclusivity. 

Join us in shaping a sustainable and equitable society.