Kőszeg KRAFT Restoration

Culture & Heritage

KRAFT Buildings in Kőszeg: Revitalizing Cultural Heritage for a Sustainable Future

The “Creative City – Sustainable Region” (KRAFT) program in Kőszeg, Hungary, is an innovative initiative that revitalizes urban and rural areas by harnessing creative social energies and leveraging local values for a sustainable future. At the heart of this concept lies Kőszeg, a town renowned for its unique built heritage, vibrant school town identity, and rich cultural and religious communities. The program’s achievements include the successful restoration and functional transformation of seven historic buildings in Kőszeg’s historical centre. These beautifully refurbished structures, including the Benedictine Monastery, Europe House, Festetics-Chernel Palace, Sgraffito House, Szemző House, Zwinger Old Tower, and the 19th-century Synagogue, serve as exemplary models of the KRAFT concept in action. iASK’s exceptional renovation project for these buildings has earned recognition with a prestigious FIABCI award. Through these accomplishments, Kőszeg has emerged as a thriving research hub and a center for experiential tourism, showcasing innovative management of cultural heritage.

The Festetics-Chernel Palace

Sgraffito House

Szemző House

Europe House

Zwinger Tower

Benedict Hotel