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Exploring Artificial Intelligence, Digital Ethnography, and Online Activism

In an era defined by rapid technological progress, societies have undergone unprecedented transformations across ecological, economic, political, and social realms. The pervasive influence of technology, from the reach of social media platforms to the immersive experiences offered by virtual and augmented reality, is shaping our lives in profound ways. It is crucial to engage in comprehensive interdisciplinary research when navigating this evolving digital landscape to be able to envision digital futures that encompass the intricate interplay between technology and society. In this way iASK capitalizes on the diverse expertise of scholars spanning social and natural sciences, humanities, and technology fields. The collaborative projects offer unique insights into the multifaceted dimensions of artificial intelligence, digital ethnography, online activism, and their impact on contemporary society.

Contributing to Responsible Digital Futures

At the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg, research is driven by a commitment to responsible technological development. Critical analysis of the multifaceted interactions between technology and society addresses emerging challenges, ethical considerations, and ensures that digital futures are shaped in an inclusive, sustainable, and equitable manner. Through interdisciplinary collaborations, research is designed for a future where digital technologies harmoniously coexist with social values.

I. Artificial Intelligence: Unveiling Potentials and Ethical Considerations

Exploring the potentials and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) lies at the core of the research on digital futures. Through analysis and ethical examination, research aims to understand the capabilities, limitations, and socio-cultural implications of AI technologies. By fostering responsible development and application of AI, the aim is to contribute in the domains of automated decision-making, intelligent systems, and sustainable AI ethics.

II. Digital Ethnography: Intersections of Technology and Culture

Research in digital ethnography focuses on the intersection of technology and culture. The relationship between digital tools and humanistic disciplines, encompasses areas such as cultural heritage preservation, analysis of online communities, virtual spaces, and digital practices. Through digital anthropology, cultural dynamics, social interactions, and behavioral patterns that shape the digital landscape are studied.

III. Online Activism: Empowering Positive Transformations

Online activism serves as a potent force for social change in the digital age. Within the research on digital futures, the dynamics of online activism and its impact on societies worldwide is studied. By examining the power of digital platforms and networks in mobilizing communities, amplifying voices, and promoting social justice, the aim is to empower individuals and communities to foster positive transformations in the digital realm. Research findings contribute to the development of effective strategies for online activism and the cultivation of digital spaces that nurture inclusive participation.