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Local Flavours – A taste, a smell, a feeling, a home where the heart is – Video Promotion

Cooperation between Europe’s small and medium-sized towns and their geographic environment is particularly important today. These towns alone cannot make efficient use of their resources in today’s globalized world. They need to recognize their heritage, their values, be aware of their common past and present, and incorporate them all into their future. They can offer the most to their community and themselves by caring for their existing values, and their all-encompassing culture.
The Local Flavors Interreg project is about small and medium-sized cities in eight European regions: it is about the joy and challenges of renewal and of finding new paths, the unfolding of a new spirit of cooperation, and the innovative presentation of cultural, natural and architectural heritage. They rediscover their settlements and cultivate their common values. The characteristics of the participating regions differ greatly, but despite their differences, they convey important and common human and social values.

This value-creating process can be just as interesting to the visitor as a centuries-old edifice or the site of a once-important battle site. At the end of the day, the Local Flavor project demonstrates that culture is not a luxury, rather, it is a matter of life and death – and it needs to be cultivated daily. This common concept is presented in our following project video.