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Reverse diary: secret agents, civil movement, private history / ed. by Éva Stefánich
This content is available only in Hungarian.
Ferenc Miszlivetz: I remain a civilian
Izabella Agárdi: On the Verge of History
In her analysis, Izabella Agárdi traces the interactions between micro- and macro- narratives as well as the specific tools women of this generation appropriate to talk about personal memories of their often traumatic past.
Pecularities of Digital Communications and Internet Entrepreneurship of Russian-speaking Communities During the COVID-19 Lockdown Period on the Example of Hungary
The article was written with the contribution of Sanja Tepavcevic, iASK researcher and was released in a conference paper in 2021.
(Un)Learned Resilience
The chapter was written by  Sanja Tepavcevic, iASK researcher and was released in a book published by IGI Global in 2022.
Political and cultural aspects of the aftermath of the Great War in East Central Europe
A new essay by Attila Pók about the disparate remembrances of the Great War.
Europe East of West - 30 Years of Transition - Quo vadis?
One of the authors of a new book recently published by the Institute Nova Revija for the Humanities is Ferenc Miszlivetz, Director of iASK.
Central Europe: Thirty Years of Reforms
A brand new book, Central Europe: Thirty Years of Reforms : Problems, Challenges, Prospects was released, edited by Lyubov Shishelina.
"Memory Politics and Populism in Southeastern Europe" is now available
This book explores the politics of memory in Southeastern Europe in the context of rising populism and their hegemonic grip on official memory and politics.
Covid-19 and Global Value Chains in South-East Asia and Singapore
Chapter 19 of a new book, recently published by Routledge, was written by iASK researcher Anikó Magasházi about impacts of the Covid-19.
Social capital in social economy
A new book chapter with the contribution of Ryszard Praszkier about social capital.
Macedonia: Illiberal Democracy or Outright Authoritarianism
A new study with the contribution of Dimitar Nikolovski about Macedonia.