iASK Collections and Archives

Research & Studies

Preserving Intellectual Heritage and Facilitating Research

iASK Collections and Archives constitute an integral part of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg, and serve as a repository for various archival materials, and personal bequests generously donated by prominent members of the iASK community. With a focus on preserving intellectual heritage and fostering research, this curated collection offers resources for scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts alike. 

The Collections and Archives are home to a wealth of archival materials, including historic documents, letters, audio and video recordings, and more. These invaluable resources offer a glimpse into the past and provide researchers with a tangible connection to the events, ideas, and people that have shaped our world. Accessible on-site at the renowned Festetics Palace in Kőszeg, Hungary, the archives serve as a vibrant hub for scholarly exploration and discovery. 

The collection is not limited to institutional records but also encompasses personal bequests. One of the notable collections is that of Elemér Hankiss, a revered philosopher, sociologist, and literary historian. There is a range of materials, including manuscripts, notes, letters, audio tapes that provide invaluable insights into his intellectual journey. 

Other bequests include those from Klára Héderváry, a renowned Belgian UN diplomat of Hungarian origin, and the professor and former member of the European Parliament, György Schöpflin, whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the international stage.  There is a continual development of archival records and collections, expanding the wealth of resources available for research and exploration. 

The team of archivists, Eszter Horváth and Tamás Székely, provide assistance and can be contacted via email at [email protected].