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Reverse diary: secret agents, civil movement, private history / ed. by Éva Stefánich
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Students from ELTE Bibó István College participated in a weekend-long block seminar at iASK
Expectations and Realities in an Age of Global Uncertainties
The iASK Synergy Conference for Young Researchers and Doctoral Students in Kőszeg on March 19-20, 2024.
A Journey through Cultural Heritage and Transformation – a Welcome Speech by Gábor Soós, Secretary-General of the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO
Gábor Soós, Secretary-General of the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO, inaugurated the 29th UNESCO MOST Winter School with an engaging speech. He outlined the event's focus on exploring the dynamic interplay between cultural heritage and sustainable development. Emphasizing the significant role of cultural spaces in fostering social transformations, Soos's address set the stage for a series of discussions aimed at deepening the understanding of culture as a cornerstone of sustainable progress and peace.
On the first and second day of the 6th UNESCO MOST Winter School
iASK surveys the results of the European Capital of Culture Programme in Veszprém
iASK has started a three-week, 1200-person, large-scale survey in Veszprém, which will explore the changes in the city over the past seven years, with a special focus on the impact of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture Programme.
Károly Binder's solo concert in the Synagogue of Kőszeg
Organised by the iASK, on 26 February at 6 p.m. pianist Károly Binder will give a concert in the Synagogue of Kőszeg.
About the hungarian poet János Pilinszky at the Festetics Palace
The iASK will host the event "Love is more than faith. Key Concepts of János Pilinszky's Poetry" with an exhibition on the life of János Pilinszky at the Festetics Palace in Kőszeg on 20 February at 5 p.m.
iASK Won Two Prestigious FIABCI Awards
iASK won two prestigious FIABCI awards for the reconstruction of the historic buildings in the city centre of Kőszeg.
Education in the Age of AI
iASK Research Fellow Ivana Stepanovic has published a paper "in the Prospects Journal published by Springer.
The Cultural Heritage of the Industrial Era
This brand new article was written by László Z. Karvalics – iASK researcher – and was released in Liget in 2023.
Sarolta Deczki: The ethos of citizenship
Ferenc Miszlivetz: I remain a civilian. Gondolat Publ., 2023. 260 p.