iASK Library

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A Hub of Knowledge and Resources

Discover a wealth of knowledge and resources at the iASK Library, where approximately 10,000 volumes await curious minds. The collection predominantly focuses on the social sciences, and in recent expansions, also incorporates books on natural sciences. The library caters to a diverse range of interests, offering not only dictionaries, encyclopedias, but also recently published scientific books from prominent publishers, and even literary works for those seeking lighter reading options. 

As part of the commitment to knowledge dissemination, iASK engages in publishing activities, producing iASK volumes and the KRAFT series available in the library’s collection. 

The book catalogue is systematically arranged using the Eurovoc multilingual thesaurus that provides a comprehensive resource in fields relevant to the European Communities, including documents in the European Institutions’ documentation systems. 

In addition to an extensive book collection, the library provides access to a variety of printed and electronic periodicals, as well as subscribed databases. This wide-ranging selection expands the spectrum of services the library offers to visitors. 

The iASK Library and archival collections house a diverse range of materials: from book donations generously gifted by distinguished individuals such as György Schöpflin, Elemér Hankiss, and other members of the iASK community. These collections span various disciplines and provide a unique window into the intellectual landscape that has shaped the institute’s research activities. 

The dedicated team of librarians, Henrietta Dóka and Eszter Takács, provide assistance to researchers and visitors. Feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] for any inquiries or assistance. 

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