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Culture & Heritage

Kőszeg KRAFT Restoration

KRAFT Buildings in Kőszeg: Revitalizing Cultural Heritage for a Sustainable Future.

The “Creative City – Sustainable Region” (KRAFT) program in Kőszeg, Hungary, is an innovative initiative that revitalizes urban and rural areas by harnessing creative social energies and leveraging local values for a sustainable future. At the heart of this concept lies Kőszeg, a town renowned for its unique built heritage, vibrant school town identity, and rich cul-tural and religious communities. The program’s achievements include the successful restoration and functional transfor-mation of seven historic buildings in Kőszeg’s historical centre. These beautifully refurbished structures, including the Benedictine Monastery, Europe House, Festetics-Chernel Palace, Sgraffito House, Szemző House, Zwinger Old Tower, and the 19th-century Synagogue, serve as exemplary models of the KRAFT concept in action. iASK’s exceptional renova-tion project for these buildings has earned recognition with a prestigious FIABCI award. Through these accomplishments, Kőszeg has emerged as a thriving research hub and a centre for experiential tourism, showcasing innovative manage-ment of cultural heritage.

The Festetics-Chernel Palace

Sgraffito House

Szemző House

Europe House

Zwinger Tower

Benedict Hotel