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About Us

Navigating Complexity and Shaping a Sustainable Future

iASK Innovation

At the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK), we think differently. We connect social sciences, natural sciences, arts, and humanities to offer new perspectives on regional development, sustainability, geopolitics, cultural heritage preservation, and future literacies.

Our Story

The Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK) was founded during a time of global uncertainty and growing interdependence. Guided by Elemér Hankiss’s words, “We have entered a new age of uncertainty,” we find ourselves at a crossroads, needing to ask the right questions and find the best paths forward in the face of climate change, regional political instability, financial crises, democratic backsliding, and the spread of intolerance and violence. Ron Atkin once said that a surprise is an answer to a question we did not ask.

People often cling to illusory or vanishing “certainties” due to a lack of alternatives. Traditional analytical frameworks and concepts fall short in providing satisfactory solutions to today’s challenges. The world has become more complex, characterized by rapid and often contradictory processes. Traditional education fails to prepare students for an uncertain future filled with increasing threats. Personal and social safety, institutions, and the surrounding material and natural world have become precarious. In this context, the role of science takes precedence, offering valid and useful prognoses and explanations for contemporary phenomena. This includes responsibly undertaking scientific inquiry with relevant applications to human societies.

Our Mission

iASK’s mission is to navigate through the complexities and uncertainties of this age. We are committed to contributing to the formulation of answers that require complex and interdisciplinary thinking. We embrace the responsibility of fostering innovative approaches and solutions to pressing global issues, striving to make a positive impact on our ever-evolving world.

At the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg, we envision a future where scientific inquiry leads the way. We aim to empower individuals and societies with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of our world. By embracing interdisciplinary approaches and making meaningful contributions to scientific research, we work towards shaping a sustainable future. Our dedication to fostering innovation, promoting critical thinking, and addressing global challenges drives us forward.