Land Research

Research & Studies

Core Fields:

  • Land Use Planning: Shaping Sustainable Land Development
  • Human Impacts on Land Resources: Evaluating Environmental Footprints
  • Land-based Ecosystem Services: Understanding Ecological Functions
  • Sustainable Land Use: Promoting Responsible Resource Management
  • Land Resources Conservation: Preserving Land Quality
  • Environmental Informatics: Integrating Data for Informed Decision-making
  • Land Policy: Influencing Regulations and Guidelines
  • Environmental Law: Navigating Legal Frameworks for Environmental Protection

Mapping Environmental Factors and Supporting Rural Development
Accurate mapping of environmental factors is crucial for designing effective rural development programs aligned with ecological sustainability principles. By assessing ecosystem services and addressing social needs, ecologically sensitive strategies are developed for sustainable development.

From Precision Agriculture to Global Food Security
Balancing agricultural production and natural resource preservation is a pressing global challenge. iASK’s research tackles this challenge on multiple scales from precision agriculture to regional land resources management and global food security. The work focuses on evaluating agricultural land potentials, identifying marginal areas, and developing soil-enhancing agricultural systems.

Utilization of Research Findings
The findings from the land-related scientific research form an integral part of comprehensive, interdisciplinary programs at iASK. They contribute to the formulation of complex regional development plans, showcasing the practical applications of the research in real-world scenarios.