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Social Services Today and Tomorrow to ensure Equal Access and Resilience
The volume presents in detail the conference theme, abstracts of the presentations, brief introductions of the speakers, and includes publications based partly on the presentations given at the conference and partly on further research on the topics.
Norbert Kroó: Revolutions in XXIst Century Science and Technology
This book is an expanded version, complete with examples, of lectures on twenty-first-century science and technologies.
Tamás Fejérdy: Talking Colours
This paper does not deal with colours, their use nor effects in general but focuses on a well-defined area, the colour of the façades of historic buildings.
Review of Economic Theory and Policy (Special Issue by iASK)
Review of Economic Theory and Policy Special Issue, Vol 16. No 3. (2021)
Iván Bába-Iván Gyurcsík-Csaba G. Kiss: Central Europe 2020 - A Hungarian Perspective
Should Central Europe abandon essential components of its identity in order to conform to Western Europe, so that the fate of Europe could be turned in a “good direction,” or is it possible that a deeper integration of the two macro-regions will emerge, where the two, Western and Central parts of equal rank unite to create a genuinely and deeply integrated Europe?
Anikó Magasházi: Singapore Globally Entangled - Lessons for Central Europe? Epilogue on Covid-19 Impacts
In this book, answers to the “why’s and how’s” are sought by analysing Singapore’s economic and social development over the last three decades with an outlook on Southeast Asia as a whole, in order to explore lessons that can be drawn for other emerging regions.
Dezső Boda: Complexity in Nature and Society : From Dancing Molecules to Collapsing Societies
Dezső Boda’s book offers an original and sophisticated introduction to the machinery of complex systems science and an extensive overview of its application.
Ferenc Miszlivetz-Laura Takács: Images of Kőszeg KRAFT
Kőszeg's recently renovated built heritage by KRAFT programme is presented in this new iASK volume, which was released on 10th December, 2020.
Navigating Troubled Waters - Dedicated to George Schöpflin on his 80th Birthday
It is a great honour to publish a volume of academic essays to celebrate György Schöpflin’s contribution to our intellectual wellbeing (using the date of his birthday is simply a pretext).
Faultlines and Frontlines of European Transformation
This volume is a compilation of some of the keynote speeches and lectures that were delivered at the Fourth European Blue Sky Conference. The new iASK volume can be downloaded for free!
Thomas Filk: 'Quantum' and 'Quantum-Like': an Introduction to Quantum Theory and its Applications in Cognitive and Social Sciences
This article emphasizes the similarities between phenomena in quantum theory and phenomena in psychology and sociology, thereby presenting arguments why the formalism developed in quantum theory may be of relevance to the cognitive sciences. It is also intended to be a very cursory introduction to the ideas of quantum theory.
Risk, Responsibility and Resilience - New Strategies in the Labyrinths of Uncertainty
This volume is a compilation of some of the keynote speeches and lectures that were delivered at the Third European Blue Sky Conference, held in Budapest between 23-25 November 2018.