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Iván Bába-Iván Gyurcsík-Csaba G. Kiss: Central Europe 2020 – A Hungarian Perspective

The future of Europe, and in turn the future of the European Union depends on whether it can create an integrated and politically, economically and intellectually-culturally homogeneous region and institutional system which all citizens and all nations of the Union—rather more than less—can feel to be their own, which has an identity allowing identification for all. Central Europe can contribute its deep-rooted historical experience, culture and creative energy to the formation of this common identity. And it is right to expect in return that it should be assigned the position of an equal partner and ally—in both political and spiritual-moral terms. In this sense we can argue that the future of Europe depends on the full integration of Central Europe, but the success of this integration is by no means decided in Central Europe only! Success demands our common, European effort.


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ISBN 978-615-5742-30-9

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