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Faultlines and Frontlines of European Transformation

What possible futures await Europe and the EU? Are we moving towards more just and cohesive societies, or towards further breakdown and fracture? What and where are European values today? What is democracy today? Europe is in flux as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and 15 years of EU expansion eastwards. There is a lack of consensus on European values that underpin European institutions, and the question is whether we can reach a consensus today for a new European social contract or a European New Deal. Faultlines in Europe, East and West, North and South, are growing aggravating social upheaval, insecurity and political polarization. Has Europe lost its chance for global leadership in this new age of uncertainty and become increasingly irrelevant on the world stage? What are your visions for Europe’s future?

The 4th Annual Blue Sky Conference addressed these questions and many more. The event offered participants the chance to exchange views amidst increasing global and local, economic, political and social turbulence. In the panel discussions perspectives from Africa, Russia, Turkey and the Balkans are especially highlighted.


This volume is a compilation of some of the keynote speeches and lectures that were delivered at the Fourth European Blue Sky Conference, held in Budapest between 7-10 November 2019.

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Edited by Jody Jensen

164 pages

ISBN 978-615-5742-24-8 (pdf)

ISBN 978-615-5742-25-5 (paperback)


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