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Risk, Responsibility and Resilience – New Strategies in the Labyrinths of Uncertainty

This volume is a compilation of some of the keynote speeches and lectures that were delivered at the Third European Blue Sky Conference, held in Budapest between 23-25 November 2018. The conference, entitled Risk, Responsibility and Resilience: New Strategies in the Labyrinth of Uncertainty, was part of a series that the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg organizes biannually, in association with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability.

The traditional methods of disciplinary scientific inquiry provide us with limited and insufficient and conceptual tools. New methods, new ways of knowing and learning need to be developed that are socially relevant, responsible and problem-centered. Knowledge for its own sake is not enough, we need rather strong, courageous and open-minded visions, and imaginations, i.e. a kind of future-oriented and socially-responsible blue-sky thinking, in order to navigate the changes on the level of communal existence.


The volume was compiled and edited by Jody Jensen and transcribed by Natalia Rotari.


101 pages

ISBN 978-615-5742-12-5

The volume is available on the following link.