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Edit Balázs: Pannonian Values: the Jewish Community in Körmend

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If you are interested in the Hungarian past, you will surely take with interest the work of Edit Balázs, which tells the story of the 150 years history of the Jews of Körmend. Collectives and general merchants, tailors and hat makers, shoemakers, various other craftsmen, pharmacists and doctors, all kinds of high-ranking entrepreneurs are unfolding before us, and as the decades go by, we can see how rural small and medium citizenship grows into Hungarian urban society. the group that forms the middle layer. In addition to the numbers and statistics, there are also names and faces: in the photos, we can face the merchant Károly Marton and Rabbi Ignác Krausz, or we can catch the cheerful gaze of the newly married Mariska Kurcz. (László Csorba)


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225 pages

Price: 2.900 HUF

ISBN: 978-615-5742-21-7