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Reverse diary: secret agents, civil movement, private history / ed. by Éva Stefánich
This content is available only in Hungarian.
Ferenc Miszlivetz: I remain a civilian
Talking Veszprém
This content is available only in Hungarian.
Social Services Today and Tomorrow to ensure Equal Access and Resilience
The volume presents in detail the conference theme, abstracts of the presentations, brief introductions of the speakers, and includes publications based partly on the presentations given at the conference and partly on further research on the topics.
Ferenc Miszlivetz - István Sümegi - Gábor Szabó - Ildikó Szommer - Erzsébet Tokaji Nagy: Heroic Times
This content is available only in Hungarian.
Stories of Keszthely
This content is available only in Hungarian.
Citizens of Kőszeg
This content is available only in Hungarian.
Environmental, sustainability and climate protection objectives and programme of the municipalities of the Association of Pannonian Cities
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Tamás Fejérdy: Talking Colours
This paper does not deal with colours, their use nor effects in general but focuses on a well-defined area, the colour of the façades of historic buildings.
Edit Balázs: Pannonian Values: the Jewish Community in Körmend
If you are interested in the Hungarian past, you will surely take with interest the work of Edit Balázs, which tells the story of the 150 years history of the Jews of Körmend.
András Nagy: Knight of the Incognito
András Nagy, a writer and essayist, has been dealing with Kierkegaard's works, personality, world and influence for decades. The present volume contains the results of his recent research.
Ferenc Miszlivetz-Laura Takács: Images of Kőszeg KRAFT
Kőszeg's recently renovated built heritage by KRAFT programme is presented in this new iASK volume, which was released on 10th December, 2020.