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János Abonyi and Ferenc Miszlivetz: At the Intersections of Networks: Societal Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

” The book gives an analysis and description of a “brave new world” where production is almost free of human intervention. This Fourth Industrial Revolution is taking place around us, all of us have already become parts of it. Therefore, it is essential that the authors scrutinize the basic principles of automated supply chains and virtualized production systems, and, in line with one of the priorities of iASK’s mission, they also articulate how companies operating in the region of West Hungary may engage in this exponentially growing trend. They present a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, which help or hinder the West Hungarian region in facilitating the growth of the new culture of Industry 4.0, and, last but not least, they sum up the potentials to rely on in this revolutionary new process. The writer of this Preface is convinced that the multidisciplinary research community of international standards at iASK (including our two authors as its outstanding members) is an important constituent of these potentials.

The writer of this Preface studies networks, has facilitated the development of a multitude of talent support networks at both Hungarian and European levels, and has been fond of describing the behaviour of complex systems for the past 15 years. So let us outline some fi nal thoughts about what this book may provide for readers 10 to help them understand the increasingly complex world we live in today. Automated production systems, chains of suppliers, consumers and sales, as well as the innovation process itself are all intertwined, complex systems that incorporate both vertical and horizontal relations, and can also be described by networks. The title of this volume, At the Intersections of Networks, refl ects the gist of what modern literature describes as a “multilayer network” or the “network of networks” that can take us closer to understanding the systems discussed. The book in the reader’s hands highlights, as an important message to take home, that the successful development and operation of such networks requires a new level of collaboration and cooperation, where the “everybody wins” approach prevails. The KRAFT project, successfully carried forward by iASK, supports the emergence of creative cities and sustainable regions as well as the further development of this collaborative network, which is a key to establishing Industry 4.0 in Hungary.”

(Preface: Péter Csermely)



Translated from the Hungarian edition, Hálózatok metszéspontjain – A negyedik ipari forradalom társadalmi kihívásai, published by Savaria University Press in 2016.

ISBN: 978-615-5742-06-4

152 pages

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