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Iván Bába: The Fall of Communism

Iván Bába: The Fall of Communism : Changing the Regimes in Central Europe in 1989-1990

The fall of communism in Central Europe is a historical fact. That experiment, lasting 45 years, ended in 1990. The chain of events, which in Hungarian is called “regime change” or “changing of the regime” served as a topic for numerous studies, analysis, essays. In the past two decades all the significant political tendencies of every country in Central Europe, all the politicians, political analysts, political and economic scientists belonging to these tendecies had their say about this political turn of the tide, about its causes and consequences.

The present historical essay is not aiming at digging out new facts. Its main objective is to give a factual overview ot the events that took place 25 years ago (chronologies are being included also for that purpose), to point out similarities and differences, and to describe the connections and inherencies. This effort is offerring a possible interpretation of the fall of communism.

What happened then is history now. Many of the chief protagonists of that change have passed away, and the number of supporting characters and eye-witnesses is also decreasing. A new generation, born in those days or later, has grown up. This summary was made for them in the first place. And also for those elders who lived those events, saw the consequences but still don’t fully understand why it happened, and why it happened that way. I recommend this reading to them, hoping it will help them to a better understanding of the connexions. /Foreword/

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