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Farewell to Empire - The Russian Soul and Ukrainian War - Future of Europe in Global Context
Venue: Online platforms of iASK (Zoom and Facebook) Date: 10th of May 2022, at 3 p.m. (CET)
Crisis Prevention versus Crisis Response - Interview with Prof. Dan Brooks (iASK)
In an interview with Through the Noise Radio show, he spoke about the causes and consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and how to prevent similar epidemics in the future.
Professional meeting between the leaders of Corvinus University and iASK
They also visited the buildings renovated under the KRAFT programme
Unique Concept for Urban and Rural Development - Kőszeg and West Pannonia
The end-of-year interview with Ferenc Miszlivetz (director of iASK), and the report on the online book launch of the musical Citizens of Kőszeg by iASK, was published in the regional county newspaper Vas Népe, can be read in Hungarian!
Mátyás Kohán: What is the Secret of Singapore's Success? ( - 2021)
Anikó Magasházi: Singapore globally entangled. Institute of Advanced Studies, 2019. 267 p.
Faultlines and Frontlines of European Transformation
This volume is a compilation of some of the keynote speeches and lectures that were delivered at the Fourth European Blue Sky Conference. The new iASK volume can be downloaded for free!
Central Europe is the Land of Hope - The iASK Book Launch in the Daily County Newspaper
The Hungarian County Daily Newspaper Vas Népe's article is available only in Hungarian!
Who was Imre Festetics? - The Festetics Mystery in the Romantic History Series at Kossuth Radio
This content is available only in Hungarian!
Climate Change above All - Comment & Opinion in Nature by Dan Brooks and Jan Wouter Vasbinder
Europe’s strengths, weaknesses, structures and spats seem trivial in the face of global climate change. Why this isn’t the primary focus of every research programme throughout Europe, and globally, is baffling to us.
Renewed Festetics Palace in Kőszeg - Architectural Review in the OCTOGON
This content is available only in Hungarian!
Chinese Students Visit iASK
Achievement of the KRAFT project in Kőszeg - Interview with Ferenc Miszlivetz (director of iASK)