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Unique Concept for Urban and Rural Development – Kőszeg and West Pannonia

“A year ago, we had a festive chat about the publication of the Images of Kőszeg KRAFT, which was produced to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK). The year 2021 also had plenty of celebratory moments: for example, when the center and research archive named after Elemér Hankiss was opened in the Festetics Palace as part of the 7th KRAFT Conference and the Pannon House of Literature and Arts was unveiled. There was also the diplomatic mini-summit at the 26th Summer University, or the Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony on 6 December at Jurisics Square, as well as the news that progress has been made in the renovation of the Bálház. The government, has decided on a KRAFT development worth more than HUF 12 billion: by 2023, the former MÁV Children’s Home will become a new Knowledge Centre.”

The end-of-year interview with Ferenc Miszlivetz (director of iASK), and the report on the online book launch of the musical Citizens of Kőszeg by iASK, was published in the regional county newspaper Vas Népe, can be found at the following link in Hungarian!