Local Flavours – A taste, a smell, a feeling, a home where the heart is – Video Promotion

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Local Flavours – A taste, a smell, a feeling, a home where the heart is – Video Promotion

Cooperation between Europe’s small and medium-sized towns and their geographic environment is particularly important today. These towns alone cannot make efficient use of their resources in today’s globalized world. They need to recognize their heritage, their values, be aware of their common past and present, and incorporate them all into their future. They can offer the most to their community and themselves by caring for their existing values, and their all-encompassing culture.

Quarantine Concert by Károly Binder

1. Two of Us 2. Lullaby 3. Tango in Wintertime 4. Riverside 5.Dance Music 6. Bowing my Head 7. I Tell You a Tale 8. Bachelor Party 9. Scent of Cedars 10. Gaiety Composed, played & tuned by Károly Binder pianist (Liszt Academy)

Enhancing Historical Regions – Culture, Identity and Cultivation of Values

Small and medium-sized European cities have become increasingly important scenes of cultural and social life. The 5th KRAFT Conference will present the potentials of cities in the region of Western Pannonia. This will include discussions of successes and challenges for renewal, including an emerging spirit of cooperation. Special attention will be paid to the novel presentation […]

Etudes for Europe – Concert of the Binder Trio

110 Years After: Reinterpreting Bartók for the 21st Century – Premier by the Binder Trio  Károly Binder (piano); Tibor Fonay Tibor (double-bass,bass-guitar); Ákos Benkó (drums); Date: 10th of December 2018. Venue: FTI-iASK

Concert of Chamber Choir “Cherubim” in Kőszeg on 2nd of July 2018

Chamber Choir “Cherubim” The formation of the Chamber Choir “Cherubim” was prompted by the research on the Byzantine music tradition at the territory of Macedonia, as well as from the establishment of the Department of Byzantine Sciences at the “Euro-Balkan” University in Skopje in 2013. On the repertoire of the chamber chorus “Cherubim” there are […]