Erzsébet Hosszu

Research & Studies

Erzsébet Hosszu

Erszébet Hosszú

Erzsebet Hosszu is research fellow at iASK. Topics: Home away from home: The role of design methods in processing trauma of forced migration and loss of place

Zsófia Szonja Illés

Zsófia Illés

Zsófia Szonja Illés is a research fellow (KDP Doctoral Fellowship) at iASK. Topics: More-than-human Placemaking, Floodplain Research (Middle-Tisza), Sensory methods in Placemaking, Landscape Futures and Ecological Futures

Tamás Székely

Tamás Székely

Tamás Székely archivist-researcher at iASK. Topics: history of politics and political ideas in Dualist era Hungary; history of political development, regionalism, nationalism, security in Western Hungary (1867-1918) and Burgenland (1918-)

Ágnes Kovács

Ágnes Kovács

Research interests: literary theory, contemporary Hungarian literary history, literature, and media. She has also taught at the Teachers’ Training Institute, the Institute of Higher Vocational Education and the Institute of General Health Sciences.

Edit Szántó Imréné Dr. Balázs

Her field of research is the history of Jewry in Western Hungary, and several studies and books have been published on the topic. He deals with the theoretical and practical issues of teaching the Holocaust, about which he has also organized accredited in-service teacher training.

Judit Pump

She has teaching experience at graduate and post-graduate level, teaching Hungarian and foreign students with various backgrounds (law, economics, engineers, education) in Hungarian and in English.

Tamás Hermann

He played a leading role in several domestic and international H2020 projects on topics of land qualification and precision management first as an assistant professor and then as an associate professor. In addition to software development, he also had a key role in providing social feedback on projects.

Ivana Stepanovic

A Research Fellow at the Institute of Criminological and Sociological Research since 2014, her previous research has focused on the issue of privacy in the context of digital technologies.

Katalin Galambos

Katalin Galambos – special educational needs teacher, employment counsellor. Her intention is to build bridges among different sectors and the non- and for-profit sphere in order to contribute full and effective participation of persons with disabilities in the society on an equal basis with everyone.

Petra Stankovics

Petra Stankovics

Her research interests include rural development, soil protection policy and the complex impact assessment of EU fundings.

Péter Poczai

Péter Poczai is a doctor of plant health (MSc) and plant geneticist (PhD). His research focuses on evolutionary relationships of various land plant groups and are guided by investigating bold questions related to the development of plant life on Earth.

Ákos Jakobi

Ákos Jakobi holds an MSc in Geography with regional and urban development speciality from the Eötvös Loránd University and an MSc in Geoinformatics from the University of West-Hungary.