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Zsófia Szonja Illés

Zsófia Illés

Zsófia Szonja Illés is a research fellow (KDP Doctoral Fellowship) at iASK. She is Visiting lecturer of Design Research and Environmental Design at The Glasgow School of Art, at MOME (Budapest), and at KISD (Cologne). She was also researcher at MOME (Budapest), design researcher at The Glasgow School of Art Innovation School, artistic engagement advisor at The Open University. She is a member of FFS – Young Photographers’ Association, FKSE – Young Artists’ Association, Creative Carbon Scotland – Green Tease, ELIA – European Arts Education Network. Her areas of research are Placemaking Design, Land Research


Topics: More-than-human Placemaking, Floodplain Research (Middle-Tisza), Sensory methods in Placemaking, Landscape Futures and Ecological Futures