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Abrahamic Religions - Distance Learnig for Secondary School Students by iASK
[:hu]A karantén miatti otthon tanulás elősegítése érdekében a Felsőbbfokú Tanulmányok Intézete (FTI-iASK) által létrehozott távoktatási videókban a középiskolai történelem és magyar irodalom érettségi tételek feldolgozást láthatják.
O Brave New Europe! Shakespearean lessons for the contemporary European political atmosphere
Lecture by J.D. Mininger (Vice President For Academic Affairs – LCC International University, Lithuania)
Do we want to and will we cooperate?
Creativity and sustainability in West-Pannonia in the light of the KRAFT-index
Ferenc Miszlivetz's speech (director, iASK) at The Making and Re-Making of Europe Conference (Paris)
The European Remembrance Symposium is an annual project initiated by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) in 2012. The project’s primary aim is to facilitate networking by key European institutions dealing with the study and promotion of the study of 20th-century European history. Each Symposium edition has different local and/or regional co-organizers.
The Impact of Brexit in future EU-UK Relations by Szabolcs Takács - iASK Lecture Series
The Future of Europe in a Global Context – iASK Lecture Series. Lecture by Szabolcs Takács (Government Commissioner)
Central Europe 2020 and Beyond – Reflections on the Book by Emil Brix and Erhard Busek ”Central Europe Revisited”
Remarks on the occasion of the publication of the Hungarian version of the book by Iván Bába (former State Secretary, professor, National University of Public Service Budapest) in Hungarian.
“Mitteleuropa” Revisited by Erhard Busek & Emil Brix – Academic Book Launch at iASK (2/1)
Presenting the book by Emil Brix and Erhard Busek: Bába Iván, iASK deputy director
“Mitteleuropa” Revisited by Erhard Busek & Emil Brix – Academic Book Launch at iASK (2/2)
The College Movement and the Political Transition in Hungary
Nationalism and Conservatism in Contemporary Europe by Ferenc Hörcher
Csepeli György (professor emeritus, ELTE): The Social Psychological Impact of Dealing with Environmental Problems
James M. Skelly (senior researcher of iASK): Civilizational Impacts