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Controlled Passions or the Sustainable Capitalism?

Instead of Preface

Since 1971 I have been working as a teacher and my research has always focused on environmental protection and sustainable development. In 1972 a UN conference was held in Stockholm to save the Earth, where scholars identified so-called world problems and developed therapies together with politicians. In spite of the good-intentioned people and their benevolent efforts, the state of Earth has rather deteriorated than improved. The only real achievement that we attained is that the population of Earth has doubled since 1971. Based on 45 years of experience, the wisdom of Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Romans is still relevant today:

“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do, I do not do. But what I hate, I do.”

Humankind seems to be stuck in this trap. Despite all goodwill, discrepancies continue to grow between the rich and the poor. More people are starving today than at any point of the history and the alienation we now face is unprecedented in its scope. World peace seems to remain an illusion. All these problems are rooted in greed and self-centredness, in other words it is “an attempt” of the world to exist without moral values. Some call it liberalism while others call it atheism. In my following study I address the current state of the world and the path that has led to it.

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Author: Sándor Kerekes – economist, senior researcher of iASK