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Student Mobility vs. Internal Migration

A new article with the contribution of Zsolt Kosztyán, – formal iASK researcher –  was released: Student Mobility vs. Internal Migration.

The article was released in Magyar Tudomány, 2020. No. 10., p. 1318-1331.



There are several studies which investigate the factors that influence higher education students’ mobility. These studies use surveys to find out the relevant factors that influence this mobility. In our study we investigate those factors and the role of higher education in students’ migration within the country. To answer these questions, we use the databases of the whole population of higher education applicants and employment of graduates. With the help of gravity models and a network theory viewpoint, we show that higher education has major impact on mobility. Our study supports the assumption, that the geographic mobility of students (taking into consideration their home and place of career start) is much stronger than the mobility in Hungary in general, higher education plays major role in the population’s geographic mobility.


Keywords: students’ preferences, geographical mobility, higher education rankings


The article is available here in Hungarian.


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