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Navracsics, Judit

Prof. Dr. Judit Navracsics is Head of Institute for Hungarian and Applied Linguistics at the University of Pannonia and Chair of Pannon State Language Examination Centre. Her research fields are bi- and multilingual development in early childhood, the bilingual mental lexicon and bilingual processing. She wrote her PhD thesis on early third language acquisition. Recently she has been working on bilingual word recognition and sentence comprehension with psychophysical tests carried out among bilinguals and Hungarian learners of English with different L2 proficiency levels. Based on her scientific findings, she and her colleagues has developed a smart phone application ‘Lystra’ for learners of English who prepare for B2 level language examination. She is the author of four books, 12 edited books and more than 50 articles and book chapters. She is also the main organizer of the Summer School of Psycholinguistics held each year in Balatonalmádi, Hungary.