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Naum Trajanovski

Naum Trajanovski (Republic of North Macedonia 2016, 2018) is a memory scholar and a PhD candidate at the Institute for Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. He holds BA degrees in Political Science and Philosophy, and MA degrees in the regional (SEES, Skopje) and nationalism studies (CEU, Budapest), both defended with distinction. He was affiliated with the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity as a local project coordinator for the “In Between? Searching for Local Histories in Borderlands of Europe” in 2017. Currently, he is part of the Executive Committee of the Philosophical Society of Macedonia. He has reviewed and edited academic books and published his work in Macedonian and international academic journals.

Topics: Civic platforms and resurgent strategies: Two cases of memory activism from South-Eastern Europe; Tracing the new political feature of the post-Yugoslav right-wing: The anti-communist public discourse in comparative Croatian, Macedonian and Serbian perspective, 2008-2016; The political memory of the communist past between historical revisionism, contested institutionalization and commemorative practices.