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András Nagy

Andras Nagy is Associate Professor of the Kőszeg Campus besides he teaches at the University of Pannonia, Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences, Department of Theater Studies, he is also a member of the ELTE University Doctoral School of the Science of Literature and serves as a consultant for the MOME (Moholy Nagy University of Arts and Design) Ph.D. program, while he taught at several universities both in Hungary and abroad. He was elected for president of the Hungarian Center of the International Theater Institute then he became the director of the Museum and Institute of the History of Hungarian Theater.

He has published several books and studies both in Hungarian and in other languages, focusing on issues including philosophy, aesthetics and history (analyzing the complex influence of the Danish existentialistic philosopher Søren Kierkegaard). His research interest lately included the interdisciplinary analysis of the turning points of the Central European history, focusing on the international responses to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. He published his research results in several books (his latest book, Fatal Empathy, Hungary and the UN 1956-1963 was translated into English and considered for publication at Indiana University Press). Besides he works also as an author of novels, stories and theater plays, of which many were performed and some of his scripts were turned into movies.

In the iASK he is in charge of the activity of the Pannon House of Literature and Creative Arts, in the department that links the scientific activity of the Institute to creative arts. As a senior researcher he conducts interdisciplinary research on the history of the Cold War and he also teaches at the International Studies program of the Campus.

Topic: Shattered Hopes, Broken Promises, and Executions from Neglect. The Hungarian Revolution and the UN