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Lorina Buda

Lorina Buda is an economist with a research profile of European Integration. Has a PhD in international public administration. University teacher at National University of Public Service. Worked for the Representation of the European Commission in Hungary. Author of papers in the field of EU crisis management.

Integrational Maturity of the Western Balkan’s Institutional System

The aim of the research is to analyse the institutional system of the WB’s countries regarding to the EU accession criteria. If these states joined the European Union without being well repaired and introducing necessary reforms, these accessions could cause relevant problems in the EU’s operation, and could hamper the deepening processes. Accession of these countries to the EU is a very important thing for themselves, but it is important for the EU as well. The success of enlargement is not only the fact that these countries have to send politicians to the European Parliament or will have access to more funds of the EU. If they are not really fulfil the criteria they won’t be a successful member of the EU, which could easily undermine the European integration’s prestige or could be more harmful (enough to think about Greece during the crises, or Romania’s absorption capacity).