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Laryssa Tamilina


Laryssa Tamilina received her doctoral degree from Bremen University (Germany) and her master’s degree from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). She was for many years employed by Zeppelin University as a lecturer and a postdoctoral researcher, where she worked on advancing theories of human capital accumulation and modeling individuals’ decision-making regarding their participation in various forms of learning. Additionally, she studied the impact of formal institutions on economic growth rates and levels of social trust in Europe. Her current research addresses the conflict in Ukraine-Russia relations and the possible implications that the recent war might have on various aspects of political and socio-economic developments in the two countries.


Research project title

Clarifying Patterns of Educational Inequality in Relation to Countries’ Economic, Social and Institutional Contexts: A Systemic Approach.


Research abstract

Education is an essential factor in reducing social inequality and intergenerational income persistence. Despite wide recognition of this fact, access to education and schooling opportunities remain asymmetrically distributed across populations in many countries. By introducing a systemic approach, my research attempts to analyze the macro-foundations for educational inequality. The systemic approach views the educational system as a whole and simultaneously as embedded into a cluster of connected (economic, social, and institutional) subsystems. The new analytical framework is expected to define systemic factors that explain the cross-country variation in the level of educational inequality caused by individual disadvantages in life.