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Boda, Dezső

Dezső Boda (Hungary) is a professor at the Center for Natural Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, at the University of Pannonia (UP), Veszprém, where he leads the research group “Modeling and Simulation of Complex Molecular Systems”. He graduated as a physicist from the University of Szeged (1992), received his PhD in Chemistry from the UP (1996), and DSc from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2013). He introduced and organizes the Science in the Pub series at the UP. He spent four years at the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK) as a grant holder (2015,2019) and as a Research Fellow (2016-2018).

At the UP in his research group, he studies complex molecular systems (gases, liquids, electrolytes, ion channels, nanopores, etc.) by creating microscopic models for the interactions between the particles forming the system and by performing computer simulations. His inclination toward multidisciplinarity and understanding the world beyond Physics, however, drove him to iASK where he started to study complexity as a common denominator for systems from Nature to Society (for more details: https://mscms.uni-pannon.hu)

Physical systems consisting of lifeless molecules, biological systems consisting of living components, and social systems consisting of conscious human beings are apparently very different. The question whether there is a similarity. What is common in these systems?

Selected publications:
D. Boda. Hankiss, Harari, és a replikátorok, Magyar Tudomány 179(10):154-156
D. Boda. Complexity in Nature and Society. From Dancing Molecules to Collapsing Societies. iASK Monographs, 2020. (ISBN 978-615-5742-19-4, ISSN 2498-5635)