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András Gelencsér


András Gelencsér, atmospheric chemist, professor, rector (University of Pannonia)

He has graduated in chemical engineering from the Veszprém University of Chemical Engineering in 1990, and received his PhD degree in the field of Environmental Sciences in 1995. He became Doctor of Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2002. He has been the head of the Air Chemistry Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2005. He became full time professor at the University of Pannonia and Vice Dean for Economic Affairs of the Faculty of Engineering in 2006. In 2015 he became the rector of the University of Pannonia.

His main research area is atmospheric chemistry, in particular atmospheric aerosol chemistry related to air pollution and climate change. He was the first to recognize the process of humus formation in the atmosphere. He first established the importance of biomass burning related coloured particles (brown carbon) in the absorption of sunlight in the global atmosphere. He published a paper jointly with the director of the Max Planck Biogeochemical Institute that has become one of the most cited publications in the field. He authored a monograph entitled Carbonaceous Aerosol published by Springer in 2004. He has participated in several international projects and has a large number of joint publications with distinguished scientists. So far he has received more than 4200 independent citations on his works. In 2011 he presented a lecture in the television series Public University 2.0. In 2016 he published a book on the impact of humanity on the global atmosphere in Hungarian. For his scientific achievements he was awarded an Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic in 2014, Prima Primissima Award in 2016 and the Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2017