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RESTART_4Danube project – Study visit in Kőszeg





In the framework of the RESTART_4Danube project, the Hungarian project partners – Pannon Business Network Association, Vas County Government Office – are responsible for the elaboration and implementation of a local action plan in which PBN – Pannon Business Network Association – develops an application about the historical buildings of Kőszeg with the participation of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg.


The main aim of the application is to present how a heritage site can be rethought in a more attractive way in Vas County, Kőszeg. The application demonstrates the historical buildings in Kőszeg – Szemző House, Europa House, Sgrafitto House, Zwinger, Festetics-Chernel Palace – in a creative and interactive format, integrating also augmented reality elements. The buildings were renovated in the framework of the Kraft program with the participation of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg.

With the help of the application, users can see how the buildings looked like in the past, learn interesting stories about them and related famous people and get to know more about for what they are using these historical sites today. At each location, music composed for the buildings by Zoltán Mizsei can be listened to in the application. The application is currently under development and will be published in October.

On 14th June 2022, a study visit was organized – connected to the Hungarian partner’s local action plan – in Kőszeg, where the historian and researcher at iASK – Mónika Mátay – presented the buildings which are included in the application. She also told old stories about the buildings and gave an insight into the today’s usage of the buildings.



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